Veneer Layup

Plytec’s automatic layup system

Plytec’s automatic layup system uses a thoroughly tried and tested technology that can be adapted to meet a large range of requirements. These solutions, tailored to each customer’s particular needs, ensure maximal productivity and scalability of the system for future requirements. For instance, the system can be fitted with automatic control systems and more stack places as requirements change. The lines can also be adjusted to fit a range of different veneer sizes – from 5” x 5” to 4” x 8” and 5” x 12”. The glue can also be spread by either rolling or extrusion.

Organizing equipment ergonomically to create the best possible work environment improves the physical well-being of your workforce, positively affects their motivation, and reduces job turnover. An automated large-size plywood layup system will also considerably assist in reducing costs, increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

Veneer Layup

Technical data


5x10 ft over 6500 sheets per 8h shift (40m3)

4x8 ft over 7000 sheets per 8h shift (30m3)

Veneer thickness

(1,0)1,2-3,2 mm

Max. height of veneer stack:

1300 mm

Max. height of packet stack:

1200 mm

Veneer Layup

Downtime reductions

• alternating supply of veneers to the layup table by two feeder plates

• vacuum boxes and conveyors minimize possible double gripping and other jams resulting in idle periods

• possibility to supply both face veneers simultaneously

• simultaneous feeding of a new stack and tray removal, possibility to remove an unfinished stack.

Proven practices

• Mechanical load minimization results in better equipment operation reliability and longer lifetime

• Smooth operations lead to veneer savings and increased final product output.

High flexibility of process management

Automation makes it possible to optimize the whole
layup process, including all intermediate operations:
• automatic output of plywood panels and their supply to the press

• synchronized operation of all layup stations

• calculation, collection of data and all-process monitoring

• easy layup recipe change and preset.

Plytec system benefits

• Tailored for your needs

• From 5×5 to 4×8 and 5×12 veneer sizes

• High capacity with one operator

• Glue spreading by roller spreader or by liquid glue extracting

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